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Albert Edison

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Albert Edison is a company that provides interactive marketing, web design & development, and business consulting services. As a group of artists, mathematicians and writers, Albert Edison operates under the Quality-Work-Drives-Success principle.

Albert Edison helps clients and business partners use the World Wide Web in the best way possible. Through strongly built relationships, Albert Edison enables clients to tell their stories, create quality products, and do some good along the way too.

In addition to working with clients, Albert Edison works on socially responsible projects such as Every Organ Donor and Paperless Planet.

Every Organ Donor

Every organ donor

Socially responsible innovation project

Every Organ Donor is a socially responsible innovation project by Albert Edison Inc. that aims to encourage everyone to become an organ donor, and to raise awareness about organ donations on a daily basis, through providing educational and inspirational content on how this noble deed gives a miraculous second chance at life.

Every Organ Donor firmly believes that organs belong in people, not the ground, because thousands of people die every year waiting for a donor organ that never comes. Understanding the incomparable power of a single donor, Every Organ Donor makes an ongoing effort to inspire a change and, thus, continuously contribute to giving the gift of life.



The perfect business review software

JoonJoon is a comprehensive business review software which aggregates all reviews that a business has in one simple screen for easy reporting and responses.

JoonJoon provides both review management and review monitoring, and it auto emails new reviews. In addition, JoonJoon generates a micro-website which includes all reviews, an appointment booking form, and automatic posting to social sites. Furthermore, JoonJoon helps generate new reviews from clients, and push those reviews to popular review sites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook Reviews, thus helping businesses gain valuable customer experience feedback.



Socially responsible innovation project

DOCREF is a referral lead management system designed to help quantify doctor referrals, and keep a medical business organized and focused.

DOCREF provides assistance in managing patients, and it allows a practice to determine the number of referrals it sends to certain doctors.

Through its well designed and organized interface, DOCREF helps medical businesses save time on the phone with their patients and with other doctors’ offices, and helps them focus on other important areas of their practice.