Hey, I’m Matteen!


Mr. Matteen Terrany .


Matteen Terrany is the CEO & Founder of Albert Edison Inc. and has been involved in all phases of the company’s development since its inception in 2001, and its founding in 2007.

Matteen is a serial entrepreneur and active philanthropist with a history of supporting organ donation and the education of dyslexia. He was inspired to found Albert Edison Inc. to help create socially responsible concepts and companies. His background in technology at Deutsche Bank during the Windows expansion in the late 1990s through the Y2K hysteria has enabled him to appreciate the amazing life and history of technology and the internet.

Diagnosed with dyslexia in his formative years, Matteen drew inspiration and confidence from great dyslexics such as entrepreneurs Richard Branson & Steve Jobs, actors Henry Winkler & Jim Carrey, and scientists Albert Einstein & Thomas Edison.

Since 1996, Matteen has spent his personal time mentoring dyslexic children and their families, advocating patience to the parents, and being available 24/7 to the students to chat when they have a tough time adapting.

In 2011, he founded Every Organ Donor to help raise awareness about this cause and to attempt to solve the organ donation shortage.

In 2014, Matteen and the Albert Edison team built DOCREF, a referral lead management system designed to help quantify doctor referrals, and keep a medical business organized and focused.

In 2016, he founded JoonJoon, a comprehensive business review software which aggregates all reviews that a business has in one simple screen for easy reporting and responses.

Matteen’s latest project, launched 2018, is AdjustMD, a website audit service that provides comprehensive evaluation, analysis, and reporting on the performance of a business in the digital world.

Whether in business or in philanthropy, Matteen has always attempted to tackle big problems and find transformative solutions. In his personal time, Matteen and his wife Jasmin (of Jasmin Balance) enjoy their time with their two children in Florida.