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- Matteen Terrany

First payment: July 1, 2023

Get Your Business to the Next Level with
Smarter Google Ads Management Focused on High Returns

We are a professional Ad Management team with more than a decade worth of experience in reaching the right people for your product or service.

When it comes to ads, we're super specific and meticulous. We start by analyzing your product or service, looking at your website and sales process, going over your current audience, and then collecting data, doing research, getting into specific keywords, identifying what potential new customers do online, and, only then, start planning ad campaigns, ad formats, placements and make budget optimizations.

We will make this complex process super simple for you, we will focus on results, and help you get the most for your money.

Trusted by over 100 clients globally

What to expect?

Business Analysis

We start by analyzing and understanding the ins and outs of your business so that we can determine the best way to reach your long-term goals.

Keyword Research

We are pros at researching and understanding how your specific audience searches for products and services online, so that we can use that information to create highly effective ads.

Competitive Analysis

Knowing the competition and how it can be outperformed is another crucial step we take in order to spend less and get better returns.

Ad Creation and Management

Once we have all the info we need, we start the fun process of creating compelling ads that grab attention and score fantastic conversion rates.

Conversion and Lead Tracking

We believe in results and results mean only two things: conversions and leads. We work closely with you to measure and track those actions that mean potential revenue for your business.

On-Point Report

We trust numbers and prepare easy reports for you that will tell you everything you need to know about the performance of your ad campaigns.

Matteen Advisory & Solutions Ad Management

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