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What You Need To Start A Successful Social Media Page .

Some understand it, but most over complicate it. While social media will demand consistency and strategy in order to see any real return from your investment, it shouldn’t be overwhelming.  It can be challenging to identify what the essential components of a successful social media page are, but the best advice I’ll offer is to keep it simple. By focusing on the components outlined below, you can create an efficient content machine.

Content Planner/Team

The first order of business is to designate an individual or team to handle the overall theme and strategy of your social media. What message are you hoping to tell? What is your objective for posting? What action do you want your followers to take when they visit your page?  It’s perfectly fine if all your team consists of is you. It isn’t necessary to hire someone to build an engaged following on social media, but you will have to allocate time regularly for content planning. Scheduling blocks of time for content generation is essential to producing a quality social media page, though the length of time will vary according to your overall objective.

Graphic Content

Graphic content will make up the bulk of most content planning and should be aesthetically pleasing, concise, and fit the overall theme of your page. There should be congruent color and design schemes that form a fluid representation of your brand. Graphics should be original and crafted to grab the attention of your ideal customer.

Video Content

This is your opportunity to educate your audience and provide a deeper view into what your brand represents. According to Hubspot, 54% of consumers prefer to see more video content from brands they follow.  With so many companies vying for the attention of consumers in the crowded digital space, video allows you to quickly capture the attention of your intended audience. Video content can cover a wide range of genres that include explainer videos, video interviews, tutorials and much more.

Written Content

The engagement is in the captions.  Photos and videos may capture the initial attention of your audience, but your captions build a community. They form the basis of your relationship and relatability with your followers.  They also present an opportunity to go more in depth and shape your brand voice that will ultimately, continue to attract your audience.

Social media doesn’t have to be complicated. By sticking to a focused plan, you have the chance to tailor this avenue of digital marketing to your liking. The most important key to remember is to be consistent in your messaging in order to strengthen your overall voice and brand identity.