About Us

Once upon a time, all a company needed was business cards and a dream. Around the late 1990s, if a company was ahead of the times, it added a website, which most likely contained the same information as the business cards. But somewhere along the way, the World Wide Web, the Internet, became the business game changer.

Now, in 2020s, while you are reading this page on a smart phone, and a business card is on the bottom of the to-do list, starting a company, and making it a successful one, is impossible without the Internet.

And we are here to help.

We are an international strategic group, with portfolio companies, brands, investments, and platform solutions.

We are a business consulting, marketing consulting, and hiring consulting company. We also do web design, research and development. And much more.

We are a group of artists, mathematicians, and writers who work based on one simple principle: Quality Work Drives Success.

But above all, we are a socially responsible company.

We build strong relationships with our clients and together help do some good too. We can’t save the world, but we are going to try, and we hope you’ll help.

Matteen Terrany
Founder & CEO
Matteen Terrany is the CEO & Founder of Matteen Advisory & Solutions and has been involved in all phases of the company’s development since its inception in 2001, and its founding in 2007. Matteen is a serial entrepreneur and active philanthropist with a history of supporting organ donation and the education of dyslexia. He was inspired to found Matteen Advisory & Solutions to help create socially responsible concepts and companies. Learn more about Matteen’s work, here.

Our services

Everything we do falls under these 3 categories. Choose one that is closest to your goals and discover our products now:

Understand your Strengths and Who You Need!
Your Team
Hire and Develop The Correct Team
Your Business
Get a Birds-Eye View of Your Business