Google Analytics Glossary

Why are these numbers important for you and your business?

Read carefully the explanations for the most important Google Analytics metrics.

Bounce rate – A lower bounce rate means that people are staying longer on your website. The longer they stay, the more likely they get to convert. A bounce rate lower than 50% is an excellent sign for the website’s success.

New users – New users are people who are interested in your product/service and who have never visited your website. Attracting new users means more potential happy customers.

Average time on page – This metric is a good indication of the time users spent looking at a page on your site if the page has a low bounce rate.

Organic searches – Organic searches produce relevant traffic because they validate that the website is providing answers to users’ questions when they search for something. These are unpaid or tricked results. Only a quality website will have a high number of organic searches.