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Here's what you get when you enroll in the Dragon Mastermind: Private Advisory & Consulting

Private Advisory & Consulting (VORO)

Introducing our premium Private Advisory & Consulting service, brought to you by Matteen Terrany. This comprehensive package includes a total of 20 sessions, each lasting 45 minutes, specifically tailored to elevate your business success, team’s performance and unlock their full potential. The core offering comprises 15 sessions of private advisory and consulting, alongside a thorough team assessment conducted by Matteen Terrany.

To ensure a personalized approach, we provide a range of assessment options such as DISC & Motivators, Six Human Needs, The 5 Elements, and Human Design for Business. Please note that these assessments are not included in the base package and are billed separately. This sessions-based advisory service is designed to be flexible, allowing you to make the most of your time with Matteen.

In addition to the main scope of work, Matteen will also utilize his extensive knowledge and experience to offer additional services at his discretion, such as technical audits, internet audits, and systems assessments. This ensures a well-rounded, holistic approach to improving your team’s performance and productivity. Partner with us and let Matteen Terrany guide your team to new heights of success.

Dragon Mastermind Clients

“I really needed sombody to tell me exactly what strategic direction my company should take. The Dragon Mastermind gave me so manu concrete and fabulous solutions.”
Donna Rudolph
Founder of Teeny Tiny Treatments
“The Dragon Mastermind has been absolutely amazing. It has turned my practice around.”
Dr. Benjamin Tehrani
Top LA Foot & Ankle Surgeon
“This Mastermind really helped my business in multiple different areas, including marketing, financial optics, and strategic consulting and solutions.”
Alejandro Duque
Director of Bix Development at PROGAN

What you get:

15 Sessions in Total (Sessions are 45 minutes Each) $49,500 Value
Private Advisory & Consulting with Matteen Terrany $18,000 Value
Team Assessment with Matteen Terrany Invaluable
An additional 5 Sessions for Voro $36,000 Value

Assessment options include:

"DISC & Motivators" Assessments, "Six Human Needs" Assessments, "The 5 Elements" Assessments & "Human Design for Business" Assessments.
Matteen will Include other services at his personal & professional discretion, such as Technical Audit, Internet Audit and Systems Assessment.
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