Alex Morgan

Insurance Broker, Allstate Morgan Insurance

Alex Morgan

Real estate has always been one of the fastest-moving businesses. There are thousands of factors that impact the success of everyone involved in this world. Very often, the exhausting business operations are a tough struggle for real estate agents. Moreover, the overwhelming processes and daily operations can significantly impact the motivation and the excitement of the business owners. 

Alex Morgan is a real estate business owner who experienced how paralyzing daily business operations can be. While his business is still growing, Alex had to chase time to make sure that everything was running smoothly and every client request was addressed properly and timely.

Fortunately, his struggle was over once he came to us and met with Matteen a couple of years ago. After only a few hours spent with Matteen, Alex felt like he finally found the partner that truly understood his problems and was calm, experienced, and ready to find and implement solutions. 

We listened to his problems, carefully analyzed his business and the market, and we put our thinking caps on. We created a scalable, cost-effective, and results-oriented solution that according to Alex, transformed his business.


When Alex started his business, he didn’t expect the plummeting client phone calls from the very beginning. While his team was able to answer most of the calls on workdays during working hours, there was a considerable number of calls that were left abandoned due to the limited time and agents’ availability. Alex did everything he can to successfully juggle the clients’ calls and requests while optimizing the business processes to ensure growth. And then he started working with us…


Every lost call meant a business loss for Alex. To eliminate this devastating problem, we created a solution that perfectly fits into Alex’s business model: an answering service to ensure that no call was left unanswered. 

Our solution included answering agents to receive the phone calls and a system that allowed the agents to properly classify the requests from the callers. The system featured several different forms with questions for the potential clients. The answering agents were given detailed instructions on how to manage the phone call and how to use the system. Every call request was submitted to a database that significantly helped the real estate agents to get a better understanding of the requests prior to getting in touch with the potential clients.


The greatest benefit our solution provided was that the real estate agents had more time to focus on their work. Instead of answering phone calls, they were able to fully focus on the clients’ requests. As a result, their productivity skyrocketed and they managed to keep the business growth at 26% year over year. 

Moreover, the clients’ satisfaction increased so much that people started sharing wonderful reviews online, generating even more new clients. 

A game changer! Matteen Advisory & Solutions has completely transformed our business!

Alex Morgan