Donna Rudolph

Founder of Teeny Tiny Treatments

Donna Rudolph

The annoying experience with cradle cap with all three babies, motivated Donna to find a no-mess alternative to all suggested remedies. Her determination led her to a simple solution: a wipe that will gently take care of every mother’s nightmarish problem.

She launched her company and she immediately found herself at a messy crossroads. She didn’t know what road to take towards the business success she envisioned.

Fortunately, the horrific struggle ended when she started working with us.


Donna founded and led her company all by herself. She was burdened with the business decisions she had to make. She spent days trying to learn the business language and set her mind in a business mode. However, the complexity of the business’s success required a solid support system that is not always easy to find.


When Donna started working with us, she felt like she was off-track. The long business talks she had with Matteen helped her understand how to develop a business strategy. On the other hand, during those meetings, Matteen comprehensively analyzed Donna’s current operations and worked on a prosperous solution. What Donna lacked was business data. She had no analytical information to base her strategic decisions on. The first step was to generate a weekly report that will show Donna how her website was performing. Based on the weekly Optics Report, Donna’s cloudy vision started to clear out. She felt more and more confident in the business decisions she had to make. Moreover, with Matteen’s help, she started working on an extensive business strategy, and she finally felt excited about her business. Additionally, we were always available to assist Donna in managing her website. Based on the tracking tools, we were able to analyze how the visitors behaved and recommend improvements that will boost Donna’s business.


Since she started working with us, she developed a business that has been more and more successful in every aspect. The sales are growing and she is slowly becoming a recognized brand with a product that is inevitable in baby care.

Listen to her story, here and learn how we helped take her business to a new level:

I really needed somebody to tell me exactly what strategic direction my company should take. Matteen Advisory & Solutions were able to give me so many concrete and fabulous solutions. My company wouldn't be where it is today without them.

Donna Rudolph