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Marjah Simon

Lawyer, Author & Owner of Author's Writer Academy

Marjah Simon

Marjah Simon is a lawyer, author and owner of Author’s Writer Academy. Marjah loves creating authors, especially those who have a story that is too valuable to the world to let it disappear. Marjah is a veteran of the US Army and the US Air Force, she holds a Juris Doctor of Law, a Masters in Diplomacy and an Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s in English, Business and Behavioral Science.

When she practiced as an international federal attorney, she gave voice to the voiceless, but she was limited. After years of crying in private for both the pains of the victims and the pains of the perpetrators, she decided to create a new reality. She now uses her lawyer ability to draw authentic stories out of entrepreneurs, so they can share their empowering stories with the whole world.

She calls herself the capturer of stories, lessons, and truths. She helps authors take their long-time dream of becoming an author from “one day” to “I’m done!” in a fun, fast way.

The founder of Matteen Advisory & Solutions, Matteen Terrany, has helped Marjah with exceptional business and hiring consulting. Marjah says that Matteen challenges her to success with finesse.

Matteen is the exceptional business and hiring expert! I love the way he challenges me to success with finesse! 10 Stars!

Marjah Simon