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Meaghan McCue

Founder of Sedona Sacred Rocks

Meaghan McCue

Meaghan McCue is the founder of Sedona Sacred Rocks, a Metaphysical B&B and private retreat located in the quiet natural setting in the high mountain forestry of Sedona.

Previously a successful professional trainer and rider of Hunter and Jumper show horses for twenty plus years, Meaghan recently became a mother to two wonderful boys, Zacciah and Xavier. Her life then changed dramatically as she realized that she wanted to help create a better world for herself, her children and future generations. As she looked at her life and her own process through personal challenges, she recognized that her horses had been medicine for her soul growth throughout her childhood, adolescence and adulthood on many levels.

Meaghan took all of her gifts as a Mother, a horse trainer, an intuitive and an Associate Certified Pranic Healer and combined them to help those that want to find wholeness and healing and to learn to live authentically, healthfully and in their Hearts.

Matteen helped Meaghan with high level business and marketing consulting, and her experience is summed up in this statement:


Meaghan McCue