What is the best CRM solution for your business?

What is the best CRM solution for your business?

As your business grows, you start to face the challenge that every business owners tries to come over at one point: hire more employees to keep track of your clients along with keeping the information about the clients unified and consistent. Suddenly, all employers start working in their own style and as a result, the crucial information becomes spread out in different spreadsheets, notepads, and a million different papers across the office.

And what that brings? Chaos, unhappy customers and one very disappointed business owner.

Don’t worry, we understand you completely. It can be frustrating, but it’s not insolvable. We know!

The solution? It’s simple – one elegant and super efficient CRM.

A Customer Relationship Management tool enables you to easily collect, store and work with the data about your potential and current customers. Moreover, the CRM solution will allow a seamless tracking and collecting in one place all marketing touchpoints like email, phone, website forms and live chats, and social media inboxes. Simply said, the CRM solution will save you and your team a valuable amount of time, and we all know that time equals money!

So, now that you know what the solution is, the big question becomes how to choose the best CRM for your business?

Speaking from experience, the perfect CRM is the one that effortlessly first your team’s requests, flawlessly solves your problems, and efficiently grows your business.
Choosing the right CRM may look like a painful and complicated process, when actually it can be quite smooth and straightforward.

How to choose the right CRM solution?

Only you, as business owner, can answer this question. We can guide through the process and help you see define the steps to choosing the CRM, but the final decision is and has to be yours.
Following is a list of steps that will lead you to the answer.

7. Know and understand your business goals and requirements

The goal of the CRM is to address specific business requirements and solve existing or potential problems. The first steps towards finding the most suitable CRM solution is to set clear objectives for your business and see what painful problems you want the CRM to address while working on your objectives.

6. Ask your team what challenges they face in their work

The CRM can only work if it provides a seamless workflow for all your team members from all departments. To understand their challenges and needs, you need to gather information from them, and understand how solving those challenges can help the business. At that moment, you will have a complete understanding on how the CRM can improve the work of each team member.

5. Make a list of all essential functionalities you believe you will need in the CRM solution

Now that you entirely understand your business goals and what your teams need to work without obstacles, you can list the main functionalities of the desired CRM solution. Feel free to play with the features, divide them into Must have and Nice to have groups. This will help you to better visualize and understand the solution you are looking for.

4. Do a little research on the CRM providers that offer solutions close to your desired CRM

Once you know what you are looking for, you are one step closer to the option that will boost your business. Today, the market for CRM solution is crammed with thousands of solution that offer different functionalities for a different price. To narrow down your options, we recommend that you ask for referrals, read websites that grade and review CRM solutions, and carefully check the reviews for each solution that you find attractive.

3. Sign up for a trial and test before you make your decision

The majority of the CRM providers offer free trials, and you should definitely take the advantage of it. Typically, the free trial typically provides full access to premium features, so you can go use it and dive deep into the options to check if it truly matches your needs and solves your problems. If the solution is pricey for you, select fewer features, and test if those selected options help you solve your problems.

2. Choose the CRM for your business, implement it and watch your business flourish!

Once you decide on the best CRM Solution for you, just implement it, get familiar with it and let its magical effects roll out.

1. Don’t get stuck in Analysis Paralysis!

Trying to find the best way to boost your business may get you tangled into thousands of options and opportunities, so it’s easy for you to get stuck in Analysis Paralysis. If you get there, stop thinking and just get started. With the simplest solution – use a well organized Google Spreadsheet for everything related to your customers and start improving. Once you are comfortable enough to make a CRM decision, you can upgrade the workflow.

Finding the right CRM is essential as it helps you improve your relationship with all your prospects and customers. Moreover, the right CRM will shorten the sales cycle, thus immensely boost your business growth.

So, go ahead, find the CRM that suits your business and your team, and let the magic happen! If you need any help with the process, let us know. We are here to assist and help you grow your business!