Does Social Media Matter?

Does Social Media Matter?

Does social media matter, you ask? The short answer? Yes.

But, let’s get into the slightly longer one. 

There are approximately 4.6 billion social media users worldwide and the number is always on the rise. That’s pretty much half of planet Earth, which means that the potential to grow your business if you play your social cards right is huge. There’s a catch though: you actually have to be active, engaging and consistently sharing great content, in order to enjoy the benefits social media can provide. That’s where it gets tricky.   

People use social media to connect with each other, but they also use it to connect with the brands that are interesting to them. They want to see how a brand posts, how they interact with customers, how fun or educational they are, etc. Customers also tend to choose brands that are present on social media, versus brands that are not. Some key benefits of good social media use include:

  • Deepened connection with customers
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Boosted website traffic
  • Increased sales 

We can hear you say: “But, our website is great!”

Yeah, that’s important, but people spend way more time on their own social media channels than they do on your website. That means that your social media presence actually brings your website closer to your customers. Oftentimes, customers prefer to contact businesses via social media rather than websites, because it feels more informal, natural, and less intimidating. What that means for you (if you use social media right) is… MORE LEADS!

Let’s go back to the most important piece of information so far: content is king. Especially now, it is simply not enough to share quotes on social media. The focus is on video, people’s attention span is super low, and everything is old news within an hour. So, if you want to enjoy the fruits of your social media tree, you have to pull up your sleeves and do hard content creation work. That takes time and dedication, but also: a photo/video production and editing team, graphic designers, copywriters, ad managers, etc. 

Is it worth it, you ask? It is. But it is also very time consuming. 

So here’s our advice:

  1. Don’t just do social media for the sake of doing it. Trust us, it won’t work.
  2. Don’t try to focus on every single social media channel out there if you don’t have the time or resources. Focus on one, the one you naturally lean towards. 
  3. Use the benefits of social media advertising. Post less, but create ads to target your consumers. 
  4. Use influencers and content creators. They can help you tremendously.
  5. If you don’t have social media experience, hire someone to do it for you. 

If you want a good return on your social media investment, you simply cannot skip steps. Not in 2022.